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45 deviants said Caption "Do you know the way?" With a confused looking Knuckles
40 deviants said Evolution of man (monkey to human) but instead it's Knuckles evolving into degeneracy
29 deviants said Dozens of tiny knuckles as a crowd on the front
27 deviants said Caption "I KNOW DE WAE" Knuckles as a leader
21 deviants said Parody image of "Finding Nemo" but instead it's "Finding De Queen" with a picture of Knuckles
18 deviants said Knuckles being super cute and asking for directions looking up with giant eyes
16 deviants said Other (Comment below with your ideas!)
15 deviants said Ugandan Knuckles face on a red shirt
15 deviants said A Knuckles with boobs and a crown with a caption "DE QUEEN"
13 deviants said Parody of a sonic game logo but it says "Ugandan Knuckles: Do you know de way"

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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 1, 2017, 8:57 PM
Header 3 Variant by artwork-tee

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Fox Paws by Remywolf

1234 1800x by artwork-tee

Mugshot by Majira Strawberry

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Star Burst by Telephone

Shirt 2b 1800x by artwork-tee

Serpentine by Damn Dog Games

yummyBlack 1800x by artwork-tee

Yummy by Vix N. Dwnq / Berrymeat


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Midnite-Wolfe Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Student Artist
So much cool art work! *willingly drowns in the masterful art*
DylanCArt Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Student General Artist
Deadpool and Pinkie pie  

By Dylan
In San Francisco, Deadpool and Pinkie Pie were looking at the highway for some bad guys.
“Oh, hello there,” says Deadpool, breaking the fourth wall. “This is my friend Pinkie Pie, the pony. Say hi Pinkie”
“Hello, you probably wonder why I’m in the human world, don’t you? Well, all my friends are heroes, and I know the human world is a cruel place to live, so I’m here to help. And my best friend Deadpool, I can make this world a better place.” Says Pinkie Pie breaking the fourth wall too.
They both saw a truck with a symbol on it.
“It’s time for us to show our work. Pinkie Pie, better bring your training,” says Deadpool. They both ran to the truck and saw some bad guys. One by one they beat up the bad guys. The truck crashed into a tree and more bad guys appeared by foot.
“Hello,” says Pinkie Pie. “You’re wondering why my friend wears a red suit, because that’s why bad guys can’t see him bleed.”
“The pink pony has a point,” says Deadpool. Deadpool raised his two swords and Pinkie Pie pulled out her knives. And one by one they killed the bad guys. The two look at the symbol of the truck.
“Hmm, that symbol looks like Cobra’s,” says Deadpool. Suddenly the G. I. Joes appear.
“Those two movies are terrible,” says Pinkie Pie.
“Hey, at least they’re better than Sharknado.”
Snake Eyes, Duke, Scarlett, and Heavy Duty appear and surrounded the two.
“What are you doing here?” says Scarlett.
“We’re stopping bad guys, thank you very much,” says Deadpool.
“Oh, you mean destroying property,” says Scarlett.
“Wait a minute, so you’re getting on to us for breaking a bunch of objects,” says Deadpool.
“Oh, it’s okay you can make other stuff too, sure it might take a while but that’s what it is,” says Pinkie Pie.
“Did that horse just talk?” says Heavy Duty.
“Dude, technically she’s a pony. Do you watch the news? The president made a peace treaty with the ponies,” says Deadpool.
“Yeah, but we thought it was nonsense,” says Duke.
“Nonsense?! Have you seen them fight the robot named Ultron?” says Deadpool.
“Oh yeah, now it’s coming back for me,” says Duke.
“So does that mean we can be friends,” says Pinkie Pie.
“It means you’re coming with us,” says Duke, pointing at Deadpool. “And pony, go home.”
“How does Optimus Prime put up with all this?” asked Deadpool. Pinkie Pie throws a flash grenade, and they both retreat.
“Well this is one bizarre day,” says Heavy Duty.
Deadpool and Pinkie Pie are at a bus stop.
“You’re right Pinkie Pie, those two are terrible movies,” says Deadpool. “Thanks a lot Michael Bay.” Meanwhile, one bad guy escaped barely, and has made it to his base. He was met by Cobra Commander.
“What happened soldier?” asked the Commander.
“Some guy in a suit and a pony ambushed us!” says the soldier.
“DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK I BELIEVE A STORY LIKE THAT?” says Cobra Commander. “Now get out of my sight! Whoever is responsible for this will pay.”
Meanwhile in the city, Deadpool and Pinkie Pie were watching TV at Deadpool’s apartment. They were changing the channels and a commercial came on and said “You two are the chosen ones.”
“ohhhh magical TV, can you show us the way?” Says Deadpool.
“Yes, show us the way,” says Pinkie Pie. And the TV goes “DING DING DING DING” on the game show.
“Okay, it’s settled then,” says Deadpool.
“Who are we going to go stop?” says Pinkie Pie.
“Oh some jerk called Cobra Commander.”
They go into one of the Cobra’s base.
“Hey, do you know who is the Cobra Commander?” says Pinkie Pie.
“Oh, he’s the commander of Cobra. A couple of losers who want to control the world. And I know what really makes him mad,” laughs Deadpool.  The two put bombs on the weapons, and in the washing machine, and steal the TV. They press the button and the bombs explode.
“Ohh, those explosions looks pretty,” says Pinkie Pie.
And Baroness saw the explosion. “What the hell is going on here? Security!” She goes over and sees Deadpool and Pinkie Pie.
“Say, looking good. Don’t worry, it was Pinkie Pie’s Idea. She has really good ideas. So what you say we call it a day and forget all this nonsense,” says Deadpool.
“Kill this Bronie,” says Baroness.
“Okay, but I’m going to miss myself after I’m gone,” says Deadpool. The guards tried to shoot them, but Pinkie Pie threw a bunch of grenades at the guards.
“You two are dead!” says Baroness. Pinkie Pie uses a rubber chicken as a nun-chuck and she whacks her and strangles her to death.
“Well, she won’t cause any more trouble,” says Pinkie Pie. “I’ve got a question, Deadpool.”
“Yeah?” says Deadpool.
“What’s hell,” says Pinkie Pie, smiling.”
“Oh it’s just a place where you get tortured for eternity.”
“Man, she should have found another job,” says Pinkie Pie.
Suddenly helicopters are leaving. Deadpool and Pinkie Pie jump on the helicopters and Deadpool pulled a gun on the pilot. “Fly or die loser, your choice.” Says Deadpool. The helicopters land on Cobra Commander’s base.
“My plan finally proceeds. With my satellite all the weapons will be under my control. And nothing can stop my master plan,” laughs Cobra Commander. Suddenly one of the helicopters starts shooting the soldiers. Pinkie Pie was shooting at the soldiers.
“Having fun Pinkie?” says Deadpool.
“Ooo I do, I can feel the adrenaline baby!” says Pinkie Pie.
“Blast that ship out of the sky!” says Cobra Commander.
“I have a bad feeling about this,” says Deadpool.  The two jump out of the helicopter.  Cobra Commander looks at both of them.
“You,” says Cobra Commander.
“Us,” says Deadpool.
“There is nothing you and your mutant horse can do to stop my plans.”
“Ooh, what’s this button do?” says Pinkie Pie.  Explosions are coming out of the base.
“Destro, take care of them,” says Cobra Commander.
“With pleasure,” says Destro.  Cobra Commander retreated and Destro tried to blast shoot them, but Deadpool gets behind him and whispers, “Surprise,” as he stabs him in the back. Deadpool chops his head off.
   Suddenly, the G.I. Joe appears.  “Hey, where is everybody?” says Heavy Duty.
“Oh, they got away because they know we beat them,” says Deadpool.  “Cobra Commanders last base is very secure.”
“Unless…” reluctantly says Duke.
“Deadpool and Pinkie Pie look at each other and smile.  “What’s this? I thought the G.I. Joe were all ‘do it for yourselves,” says Pinkie Pie.
“Yeah, and I thought the G.I. Joe should be called G.I. Jokes,” says Deadpool.
“Just come with us, you two,” says Duke.  The group goes to the helicopter.  Pinkie Pie looks at Snake Eyes.  Pinkie Pie gets a marker and draws a smile on his face, and Snake Eyes took it away from her.  Deapool puts his fingers into bunny ears behind Snake Eyes’s head.  Snake Eyes smacks his hand away.  They land on the last Cobra Commander’s base.  Cobra Commander was waiting for them.
“Hey, Cody!  You’re ugly face is going to Hell,” says Deadpool.
“Destroy them, now,” says Cobra Commander.
“Holy moly, he’s throwing the goons at us,” says Pinkie Pie.  One by one, Deadpool and Pinkie Pie kill all the soldiers.  Deadpool and Pinkie Pie run to Cobra Commander.
“Looks like your plan is all washed up.  Now your face is going to collide with my sword,” says Deadpool.
“I don’t think so,” says Cobra Commander.  Cobra Commander launches a missile, little does he know that it is going to land on his base.
“Oh, I moved the target to this base so it won’t hit any countries,” says Pinkie Pie.  
“You two are dead,” says Cobra Commander.  The missile hits the base and explodes half of it.
“Hey, I can see my house from here,” says Deadpool.  Cobra Commander charges into Deadpool, tackling him.
“You, I’m going to destroy you,” says Cobra Commander.
“Oh, really?  I’m going to see some anime, and I can’t really die,” says Deadpool.
“DON’T YOU EVER SHUT UP?” says Cobra Commander.
“Hey, someone had to keep talking,” says Deadpool.  Pinkie Pie charges and stabs Cobra Commander in the back.
“Looks like you’ve been stunned,” says Pinkie Pie.
“One quick thrust should do it,” says Deadpool holding his sword.
“Wait, wait, hold on a moment,” says Duke.
“Say what?” says Deadpool.
“We’ll take it from here,” says Duke.
“You say something?” says Pinkie Pie, holding Cobra Commander’s head.  Duke just sees Cobra Commander’s bodiless head.
“Why? Just, why?” says Duke.
“You were talking too much,” says Deadpool.  “Sure, we do things differently, but at least pin head here won’t be causing any more trouble.”  
“Well at least it’s finally over, unless some jerk wants to take over the world,” says Pinkie Pie.  
“You know, pony, you’re ok in my book,” says Heavy Duty.
“That wasn’t racist or prejudiced.  I’m proud of you,” says Pinkie Pie.  “Here’s a head.  Be careful, it’s a little bit messy.”
“Thanks, I guess,” says Scarlett.
“Well, we’re off.  See you later alligators.”
The next day, Deadpool and Pinkie Pie are trying to watch T.V.
“Wait, what are you doing here?” says Deapool, breaking the fourth wall.  “The story’s over!  Go home!  Unless you want to hear some kind of ‘moral-of-the-story.’  Well, if a human and an andromorphic are in love with each other, guess what?  Don’t be a jerk about it.  Well, we’re done.  See ya next time
Shrafik-cat Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
hi, i looked your site, this of course beautiful but, i me no money request yours commision and so sorry:(
kcsalyer23 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
Happy new year!
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aqdrobert Featured By Owner Edited Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Merry Christmas 2017!
Better New Year for 2018.

Recolor James Silvani Cinnamon Horne by aqdrobert
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